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Our portal offers a private coaching and learning space for clients of LEADistics LLC. If you harbor hopes of

  • elevating your leadership within your organization,
  • transitioning to a new or different role,
  • increasing your effectiveness and influence as a leader, or
  • choosing meaningful pursuits, you’ve found a home here.

Join Explorers. We’ve made our Explorers membership complimentary for all guests. Joining Explorers provides new members with several benefits, including our curated list of leadership reading and resources and the course Leadership Essentials in Life & Work. To access this free membership, click here to register.

The portal environment is specifically for learning and coaching activity. For more information on LEADistics and Dr. Kathryn Bingham, visit our home site or contact us. If you’re seeking a coaching experience and don’t want to wait, click the button below to schedule a discovery conversation. This is a free, no obligation opportunity to consider how coaching may help you achieve your goals.

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We Know Each Person’s Destination & Journey are Unique

What's Next? Executive Coaching, LEADistics Portal

What’s Next?

I want something more, something different …

DISCOVER YOUR WHAT’S NEXT: Design and define new opportunities & destinations. Learn more.

You Have the Goal

Create the future you deserve …

PLANNING HELPS YOU SUCCEED (FLEXIBLY): When you have a destination, explore options that will take you there. Learn More.

Map your change, leadistics.com, portal.leadistics.com

You Have a Plan

What road leads to your future?

NAVIGATION IS EASIER WITH A MAP: When you need to execute, map your journey & your milestones. Learn more.

Competing Priorities are a Part of Life

Built in accountability leads to success.

FIND FOCUS, FILTER NOISE, TAP FLOW: When you make commitments to yourself, accountability helps you keep them. Learn more.

Prioritize and Accountability, Executive Coach, Charleston, SC


Teams and Organizations, https://leadistics.com, https://portal.leadistics.com

Leaders & Teams

Executive coaching and leadership development in organizations …

SERVICES FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Expand the capacity of your leaders & teams. Learn more.

Speaking & Events

Info for Event Planners and Professional Associations …

KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS: Leadership and other research based topics, delivered by Dr. Kathryn Bingham. Learn more.

Dr. Kathryn Bingham, LEADistics LLC, LEADistics Portal

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